NewPath Learning Launches Online Learning System for Grades 1 – 6

NewPath Learning Launches Online Learning System for Grades 1 – 6

Article by Kurt Gelke

Free 14 Day Trial Subscription Offered!

Victor, NY (December 1, 2007) – NewPath Learning today announced the launch of its new online Curriculum Mastery Game Learning System. Specifically developed to provide comprehensive coverage of the current curriculum standards, the system features over 35,000 standards-based review questions for Grade 1 – 6 Language Arts, Math and Social Studies. The company also announced that it was providing access to the system through a free, 14-day trial subscription available at <>.

“The Curriculum Mastery Game Learning System is unique in that it allows teachers to develop and deliver customized lesson plans using our vast library of standards-based content,” said Kurt Gelke, the President of NewPath Learning. “The system also includes web-based resources and tools to use the content in a variety of formats including online games, assessments and interactive activities. Custom worksheets, flash cards and tests can also be created and printed.”

Gelke stated that the learning system is perfect for in-class or home review for Grade 1 – 6 students as well as Title I and Special Needs applications. The Curriculum Mastery system’s teacher, student and parent communities also lend themselves to use for home schooling and independent study; tutoring and assessment prep; and after school and summer school programs.

“Unlike other online systems, the Curriculum Mastery site offers unlimited access to content for all grades and all subjects,” continued Gelke who also noted that a 90-day subscription was also being made available for teachers purchasing the company’s line of hands-on curriculum review board games.

About NewPath Learning:NewPath Learning’s Curriculum Mastery Game Learning System provides comprehensive coverage of the current national and state curriculum standards for Language Arts, Math and Social Studies for Grades 1 – 6. The system is comprised of a series of board games with content leveled by topic and readability. The board games are supplemented by the company’s online learning system, <>, which features over 35,000 standards-based review questions. These questions can be used by educators, students and parents in the creation of customized lesson plans featuring web-based games, activities and assessments. For additional information, visit <> or call 1-800-507-0966.

Contact:Kurt Gelke,President;800-507-0966 x222;

About the Author

Kurt Gelke is co-founder and president of NewPath Learning, a developer and manufacturer of print and web-based supplemental education products for grade 1 – 8 language arts, math, science and social studies products. Mr. Gelke is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point where he was awarded a B.S. in Applied Science and Engineering. He also received an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School.

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