Need School Supplies? Think Promotional Products!

Need School Supplies? Think Promotional Products!

Article by Brian Cerra

The aisles of your favorite retail stores are filled with notebooks, pencils, binders, scissors, and glue. That can only mean one thing – school is back in session! This year, you can make school supplies more fun by stocking up on items customized with your school’s name, mascot, and logo.

Back to school can be a hectic and stressful times for parents – and an expensive one as well. You can help lighten the load by providing some supplies for your students. Plus, customized supplies help boost school pride.

There’s no need to break the bank. Even a simple 12 1/2 Natural Finish Ruler will be greatly appreciated. With your school’s name color screened on the front, your students won’t even notice how practical it is!

Schools these days are on tight budgets, no doubt about it. But items such as this one are available for less than a quarter a piece. Promotional product companies are a wonderful resource for affordable, customized school supplies.

Every spring, students are sent home with a list of next year’s necessary supplies. But don’t forget, teachers need supplies, too! Both teachers and schools can order supplies with special sayings and logos. A classroom full of specially customized supply items will make your class feel like a team.

Teachers can absolutely never have too many pencils on hand. Pencils break, get lost, and just plain get used up over the course of the year. As a teacher, you want to be sure to have a few boxes on hand at all times.

The hexagonal school pencil is the classic pencil. It’s always been a favorite because its six-sided shape prevents it from rolling off your desk. Another bonus is that this pencil comes in lots of bright, youthful colors. Your students will love them as little prizes for a job well done.

Pencils are the most affordable of all promotional products. You’ll be able to hand out dozens this year.

If you’ve got a school store, you want to make sure the shelves are fully stocked before the school doors open this fall. School stores are an excellent source of extra funds. You can increase sales by offering items in your school’s color and featuring your school’s teams and mascot.

Even pencils and erasers seem like fun when they come in a zip-up pouch. Sets like a Deluxe Notebook Mate School Kit are always a big hit. They’re handy, and because they come stocked with 5 different school supplies, students feel like they’re getting a great value for their money.

This fall, when you’re thinking school supplies, think promotional products. Virtually every school supply you need is available from these companies and can be customized for especially for your school.

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Brian Cerra is a recognized industry expert on promotional marketing with promotional products, and is Vice President of Sales for Best Promotions Get the best deals on promotional products by calling Brian directly at 1-866-881-2378.

In November / December 2009, Develop Africa had the opportunity to send, in partnership with Nuwach Ministries an assortment of books and school supplies to Cheshire Home, a special needs children’s home in Freetown. The books were personally delivered by Gladys Palmer, the founder of Nuwach Ministries. The supplies were gratefully received by Mr. Foday, the Assistant Home Administrator.
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