Looking into Home School Programs?

Looking into Home School Programs?

Article by Kirstin Douglas

Home schooling seems to be a more and more common thing these days, even with an economy that almost always requires that both parents work. Despite this for many parents the desire to provide a more custom learning environment to ensure optimum learning and the least amount of distractions home school is the answer they seek. Home schooling is not a new idea to all, however in these modern times it feels that way since the school attendance laws were introduced. Until these laws community learning and schooling from older siblings was customary. Learning things passed down from generation to generation was the only way. Home schooling doesn’t exactly mean that Mom and Dad are in charge of everything the child learns, this arrangement is usually under the supervision of correspondence schools or umbrella schools like McRuffy. McRuffy specializes in k-4 grades concentrating on phonics and spiritual enlightenment. There are many home schools that have a strong religious presence if that is your preference or not if that be the case. Because public schools are regulated by the government, the requirement of separation of church and school is very strong. Wanting your child to get more than Sunday school may be the driving forces behind considering the move to home schooling programs verse say Catholic school or other religious schools. There are a variety of home schooling programs or home teaching methods out there so make sure to do some serious homework as a parent. There is classical education ( like trivium- grammar, logic and rhetoric and quadrivium- arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy), Charlotte Mason education, Montessori method, Theory of multiple intelligences, Unschooling- learning through life experiences, Radical Unschooling, Waldorf education, School-at-home, A Thomas Jefferson Education, and many more. Choosing your child’s education for just the early years or all the way to high school and maybe beyond is a huge decision and as they get older letting them have a say may or may not be your style. The team at McRuffy’s can help you decide what you want for your child by answering any question you might have about home school programs, give you food for thought or just peace of mind. Home schooling programs can potentially offer better academic test results, more one- on- one interaction between teachers and students, more parent involvement, and in some cases even better character and morality development without the influences of other students. A lot of this also reflects to the parenting style, location like extremely rural areas or even living abroad temporarily.

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This article was written by Kirstin Douglas a mother who is also looking into home school for her kids; learn more about classroom phonics and phonics activities you can do in your home at http://www.mcruffy.com.

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