Is Home Schooling Improving the Quality of Education?

Is Home Schooling Improving the Quality of Education?

Article by Peter Potter

If we have to discuss about quality of education in home schooling Google in top 10 personalities who were homeschooled you can find great names. From yester centuries American President Abraham Lincoln, who we all know had read only the Bible and the Aesop’s Fable, to Man who is counted next to Newton who made significant change in physics (science) Albert Einstein, to Andrew Carnegie, the builder of Carnegie Corporation and Carnegie Mellon University, to the present American tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams, and to closer home in India Nobel laureate Gurdev Rabindranath Tagore, were all products of home Schooling. That was a simple find of what quality of education home schooling could give to few pupils.

Look at the new age and you will find many homeschooling their kids. Famous Hollywood movie pairs Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, John Travalto and Kelly Preston, and famous Hollywood Movie star Tom Cruise to name a few are homeschooling their kids. While Pitt-Jolie have opted to homeschool their oldest child, Travalto-Preston have opted for their child with special needs, and Cruise has opted to homeschool all his children. In India tradition of homeschooling was prevalent among the feudal class and we had great leaders who were homeschooled but contributed immensely to the national freedom movement and social reformation. Then we have the self-taught which could be counted as a practice of home schooling.

What you wish to learn by going to school can be acquired by going online from the convenience of your home. You can discuss and decide the educational lesson plans. You can avail of digital content in education from large reservoir of subject matter information available on the Internet. You can decide on the level of syllabus suitable and useful to you. You may choose the time of learning, group to discuss and interact, access reference resources you confirm with to scale understanding of the concepts and fulfill curiosity.

The digital content at online learning center creates a great impact during the process of education for the learner. There is clarity of information, visuals, graphics, videos, photos, charts, and other resources provided to learn which is doubted in home schooling. The learner may utilize any of the inputs and their combination to suit own tastes and convenience. The learners can opt to create their own models to understand through discussion and interaction to get grasp of topics and concepts at their own pace. This liberty helps them to get involved in the learning process more intensely and accelerate their learning depending upon their inherent abilities.

Online education centers are supported with subject matter expert’s teachers to assist learners during the learning process. They help and direct you to suitable resources, help you improve your understanding, and also help you to create learning resources. Online e learning sites have resources to use fruitfully learner’s leisure time activities. They provide hobby classes, music training, yoga guidance, publish, and support in personality development. Online education can at best help to make the shift to begin homeschooling.

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