How to Home School Your Child Part Three – Start Teaching

How to Home School Your Child Part Three – Start Teaching

Article by Sherri Haggard

Last time we got the kids ready and we started teaching. Now, we have the all important task of keeping records. How are we going to show progress? Don’t get too caught up in how the kids are doing. They will do fine and I will show you the proof.

Keep a Portfolio on Each Child

Portfolios do not have to be hard to keep. I like to have multiple portfolios but you might want to have just one. I like three ring binders with pocket dividers. The pocket dividers are great for things you do not want to hole punch. You will want to label each divider for each subject you are teaching. I actually like having a separate portfolio for Art/Music projects that I like to keep. You may want a separate portfolio for the legal requirements as well (i.e. standardized test).

Label each piece of paper with your child’s name, age, date, subject and grade. It will be a mess later if you do not.

Evaluate Your Child’s Progress

Whether your state requires it or not, do the testing. Schools test kids for a reason and so should you. This goes beyond tests that are done weekly and even monthly or by semesters. You can go online and get copies of old standardized tests. Give your child these tests and see how your child does. If possible, see if your child can take the test with the school.

Don’t Forget to Socialize Your Child

School is more than books. It is a very social place. Trust me. As a special education teacher, I had to teach many many social skills. Your child needs to socialize with other children. Many home schooling parents get together with other home schooling parents to socialize their kids. They have activities and field trips and even get together for sports teams.

Home schooling is the most important decision you can make. You are on the right track. I wish you the best of luck and happy home schooling.

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