How to Get Whiter Teeth: Should I Use Professional or Natural Methods?

How to Get Whiter Teeth: Should I Use Professional or Natural Methods?

Article by P.S. Orr

Do you want to know how to get whiter teeth and are you willing to explore both professional teeth whitening systems as well as natural alternatives? In today’s beauty conscience world, having one’s teeth whitened is more of an aesthetic concern than a necessary dental health treatment, although some of the methods may help in reducing plaque and eliminating unhealthy gum bacteria. Many people chose a professional teeth whitening system simply because it may produce the whitest teeth in the shortest amount of time. Others want to know how to make teeth white in a more cost effective, chemically free way.

Even though 21st century science has developed generally safe, effective ways for dental offices to provide quick, easy ways to whiten patient’s teeth, the benefits of alternative methods gleaned from past years remain very popular with many users. These benefits can range from less risk of damage to teeth enamel and gums, to low cost and convenience for those who are interested in natural teeth whitening methods. Of course, there is always some risk involved in both professional teeth whitening systems as well as alternative methods and those who are interested should be aware of both options in order to make an informed decision.

Without delving into the technical aspects of chemistry here, there are dangers associated with professional whitening systems that are generally related to the reaction some people experience with the most common chemical used in most bleaching solutions. It’s important to be aware that carbamide peroxide, in which the active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, is used in generally all bleaching systems. Carbamide peroxide is stronger than the medicinal grade of hydrogen peroxide which is found over the counter in drug stores. While professional teeth whitening methods can produce whiter teeth fast and easy, there are more and more reports about the painful side effects of ‘zingers’ or tooth sensitivity by many who have undergone treatments.

In a study at the Southern California School of Dentistry, half of the study participants experienced mild to moderate pain after treatments. Depending on the health of each patient’s tooth enamel as well as other dental considerations, individuals needs to be aware of the sometimes serious effects on enamel health as well as the possible side effects of pain and irritation involved. Both at home and in office methods provide the same risks to some patients.

As mentioned earlier, there are benefits and risks to both professional systems and alternative procedures. Users of either system should determine which is best for them. For those who want to know a natural way to make their teeth white, it would be best to explore some of the most popular natural teeth whitening methods to see which would suit their lifestyle and dental health. For people who are want white teeth almost immediately, there are many professional methods available at most dental offices. However, with either possibility, it pays to do research, discuss the possibilities with a dental professional about how to get whiter teeth and carefully choose between a natural method or a professional whitening system that is best for you.

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