How to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

How to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

Article by Chris Smith

Starting out as an affiliate marketer can seem like a tough thing to do. Most of the people on the internet want you to think it is, that way they can make more money on the sales that should be yours. I am here to tell you though, that it isn’t tough at all. In fact, being an affiliate marketer is extremely relaxed and fun to do. Let me share my story.

So a few months ago I wanted to get into something to make more money. I was sick of seeing all of the people make their claims on the internet about how they were dirt poor and now they can afford my house and cars with their weekly income. I am sure you have seen these ads, they typically want your money to teach you how to do it. Hey, I guess that is part of their money making secrets right? Ok, so I digressed, I went online to see what the deal was though and was surprised by what I found.

There I was, pouring over website after website, promise after promise, and then I realized the underlying theme. Affiliate marketing! That’s right! The secret isn’t a secret at all. In fact, open a new internet window and do a Google search for it and you will see millions of articles. People are doing this all the time to supplement their incomes. College kids make enough to stay in school, some people have actually earned enough to retire. This is something to really look into, or so I told myself.

Then I was right at the spot you are now. I knew what I wanted to do (affiliate marketing) and I knew where I wanted to be (rich), but I had no idea how to get there. With a lot more research I learned that affiliate marketing is picking a product, promoting it, and then earning money. Sounds too easy, but that is the general overview of it. There are millions of products that you can choose from. They range from health and beauty to electronics.

The funnest thing about affiliate marketing is that the internet is your play ground. You can work from home…in your pajamas (or worse). You can sign on whatever time you have. If you get off of work and take a nap, you won’t lose your affiliate marketing job. You don’t have to call in and you make money even while you are asleep. With all of the positive things that this offers, why do we continue to slave away at our current jobs? (oh yeah, the bills need to be paid until we are the annoying rich person)

Promoting a product is easier than you think and you are more capable than you ever thought. Don’t let indecision or fear stand in your way, delve in and make the money you deserve. If you don’t, I will.

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