How to Get Ready For That Special Prom

How to Get Ready For That Special Prom

Article by Sara Ryan

Okay so here you are girl! Prom is quickly approaching! You have been waiting for this day all year. The cute boy across the room in your fifth period class just asked you to the prom! This is what you have dreamt of for the last 8 months of school! What do you do now? Well… Say YES! We are here to help with the rest.

Here is our “How to get ready for prom” Checklist:

1. Don’t wait till the last minute to find the perfect shoes to match your dress. We all know you have had the dress picked out before you were even asked to the prom, but the shoes always come after! When looking for the perfect shoes it often seems like you can never find the pair you have “seen 100 times before.” So be prepared. Give yourself ample time to pick out the best pair of shoes.

2. Order the corsage and boutonniere ahead of time. Flower shops get busy this time of year and if you call the day of the prom, chances are you won’t be wearing one!

3. Eat a large, but healthy breakfast the morning of the prom. If you are planning on starving (which won’t make much of a difference anyways), starve at lunch. Breakfast will get your metabolism going and boost your energy level for the day!

4. After breakfast, take a nice hot bath! Relax and take time to dream about the night ahead! Don’t be nervous. I can guarantee that your date is five times as nervous as you are at this point.

5. Get a manicure and pedicure at your local nail shop. There is nothing more attractive than manicured nails and toenails. I would recommend a French manicure and pedicure. If you are really into treating yourself on this special day, get a pedicure that includes the massage stones. This will rejuvenate your feet for the night to come. The manicurist will place warm rocks between your toes to stretch them and massage them. You will then receive a nice leg massage using the warm basalt stones.

6. Get your hair done by a hair stylist. There is nothing better than feelings sexy with a new hair-do. If you don’t want to spend a large chunk of change, you can try getting an appointment at a beauty college. These hair stylists are often as knowledgeable as licensed hair stylists but just have not graduated from beauty school yet. Be sure to wear a shirt that buttons up the front so that you don’t mess your new hairstyle up when trying to pull the shirt over your head.

7. Go home and get that dress on! Earrings make the dress- so be sure to find some dazzlers that will rock your date’s world!

The main thing, as always, is to have fun! Don’t get caught up in worrying about every little detail! Be confident and you sexiness will show right through!

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Sara Ryan regularly writes for TIR Massage Stone, the leading stone massage supplies provider. They provide massage rocks for hot stone therapy among many other accessories.

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