How to Get Customers and Keep them for Your Hot Dog Business

How to Get Customers and Keep them for Your Hot Dog Business

Article by H.Hillman

After you have gone through the legalities of starting your hot dog business, you’ve purchased you cart and you are ready to go. Now you need to get the customers and keep them.

The first step in getting customers to try your hot dogs is getting them there. The easiest proven method is to be located where there is a lot of foot traffic. More people are willing to stop to eat if they are walking by rather than those driving by. Plus the walkers get to smell the hot dog aroma and be lured in. Finding a location may seem difficult at first but once you start operating in an area more business will want you to set up at there location. If you bring in customers they may also shop at the business you are located. Some popular locations are hardware stores such as Home Depot, near schools that allow off campus lunches and area bars and clubs that don’t already serve food.

Pricing is another factor to look at when operating your hot dog business. This may depend on where you are located. Near a school may require cheaper prices or maybe offer combo deals with chips and drinks. High school students are usually short on cash or spending mom and dads money. They are more eager to eat somewhere where they can get more for their money. Outside a bar you may be able to charge more if there is no near food establishment. It is easier for them to walk outside and get a bite to eat then leaving the bar. For this reason you may be able to sell a hot dog for a little more money. Combo meals are not usually needed because the drinks and chips are available inside.

Serving a quality product is how to get your customers back. Nathans All Famous hot dogs are by far the most requested and once you have had one you will understand why. Be sure you serve a quality meat for your hot dogs or sausages. Make sure your buns are soft and don’t fall apart when eaten. Also you will need to make sure you have a variety of hot dog condiments. Hot dogs can be served many ways. Common dressing include mustard, ketchup and even Mayonnaise. For additional toppings you may offer cheese, relish, peppers and onions. In our state chili is prohibited so make sure you check with your state before you serve chili. This can get you shut down and a fine if it is not allowed. Some customers will want you to add the condiments and others will want to take them with them. Have packets and cups of the condiments ready for your to go customers.

The best way to increase your hot dog business is to have your customers tell someone else how delicious your hot dogs are. This will get you new and repeat customers.

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