How To Get Back An Ex and Make It Stick

How To Get Back An Ex and Make It Stick

Article by Dave Islington

When wondering how to get back an ex, we often forget that we are working from a position of strength. If you are trying to convince a new potential partner to notice you, you may have to try various different tricks to gain their attention. You don’t know them so you don’t know which buttons to press.

But when dealing with your ex, you know exactly what they like and don’t like. You know which clothes they prefer you to wear, what scent or cologne, where they hang out and what they like doing in their spare time. You know her favourite flowers or what team he supports. You know this person intimately and you can use this knowledge to your advantage. OK, you also have the disadvantage of the fact that you have already broken up once but that is not the end of the world. We all make mistakes and thankfully most can be rectified.

So don’t despair, you have a lot of things going for you. Millions of couples the world over break up and get back together again and so can you. You just need to know how to approach your ex-partner and convince them that you deserve another chance. Honest communication is the best policy. Don’t be tempted to play games, you are not a child and this is not the playground. Some people will tell you that you should try and make your ex jealous. But trying to hurt anyone doesn’t show any respect for that person’s feelings never mind those of the person you are using.

Unfortunately how to have a successful relationship is not a subject taught in school. Some of us are lucky to have parents who are still together and have shown us by their example, what a happy partnership is. But all too often this is not enough. Go into any bookshop and you will see shelves of books on relationships. How to make them better, how to make them work, how to meet the right man or woman and how to keep them once you meet them etc. You think of any question you may have had about your relationship and there is a probably a book written to answer it.

But reading loads of books won’t turn you into a relationship expert overnight. You need to read the right material. You need to know that other people have found these books useful and been successful in attracting their ex back into their lives.

You want a course that doesn’t promise the earth but will help you to resolve your differences with your ex and enable you to become a happy couple once again. Sometimes these books will claim to make you totally irresistible to the other sex. But this isn’t what you want. There is only one person you are interested in getting back. So, it really is up to you. You can stay home and be miserable wondering how to get back an ex or you can be constructive and take positive steps and hopefully soon you will be back in the arms of your lover once more.

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