How To Get A Girl’S Number: Ways To Get Her To Give It

How To Get A Girl’S Number: Ways To Get Her To Give It

Article by Paula Sterling

Not many guys know that 95% of all girls decide within the first 60 seconds upon being approached whether they are attracted to them or not. This does not happen consciously – in fact this is wired within them and they cannot control it. It is therefore important to be able to make a girl like you under one minute – preferably in the first 30 seconds. Read on to discover the secrets that you can use to make any woman like you fast…

Guys it is time for you to make the changes I’ve made and find better ways to pick up girls. I used to spend my weekends sitting around playing video games hoping that a woman would call me. I was an average nerd in school and still carried that with me even out of college.

Is it possible to get your girl back even if the odds are stacked against you? Do I really stand a chance? Well if you are bothered by the questions above here is my answer.

If you consider very low about yourself to deal with girls then it is high time to work out a little. You need to adapt yourself to the changing situations and become bold enough to face a girl.

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Your relationship with your lover has become sour that you feel like her affection towards you has significantly dwindled; this leads you to think on how to get my girlfriend to love me again. This problem is common among many people in a relationship for quite some time already that each of them have become used to each other to the point of doing things on routine and meeting each other is becoming normal; without any more excitement and passion.

If your ex has broken up with you and left you with a lot of anger then it is time to plunge the dagger of jealousy into his or her heart and twist it around. Here are a few tips on how to get your ex jealous which in turn will also prove that he or she still cares for you.

Do all your friends have boyfriends and you always seem to be on your own? Would you prefer to be spending your Saturday nights at home alone in front of the TV? Or do you really want a find a great boyfriend who you can share great nights out and cozy nights in with? There’s no point in just feeling sorry for yourself take some action! Follow my 5 tips on how to get a boyfriend and you won’t be on your own for long!

What does it mean when a woman does not kiss you on a first date or says ‘she does not kiss on a first date?’ It can mean different things to the opposite sexes find out what it means to a girl. And why you should always try to kiss on a first date.

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