How to Become a Home School Teacher

How to Become a Home School Teacher

Article by Fortune Ezeoha

If you have wished to become a teacher and be able to educate children at home on one-on-one basis to give them a better chance to survive life’s challenges, then read on. I will give you the basics on how to become a better home school teacher with the right skills.

Most parents especially stay at home moms wish to be able to educate their kids at home. And the rest want to at least give their kids a solid foundation before they start public school. Home schooling has a lot of benefits for both the teacher and the student. Moms can follow a particular home school curriculum and learning process that is unlimited to the rules and regulations of a typical school system.

One-on-one learning process gives the child a better foundation on interaction, observation, and self esteem. Kids will have the right values and knowledge that their parents want them to have.

What you need to become a home school teacher:

A Strong desire to teach children: Teaching children is not an easy task whether they are your kids or not, children all over the world are the same and they are always children. They will run around, will not sit down when you want them to, will play at the wrong time etc. The only way for them not to get to your nerve is if you have a strong yearn and desire to work with them, teach them and show them the right way to do things. With strong desire it would not matter if you have to say one thing a million times before they get it.

You will be glad to know that there is no technical requirement needed to be a home school teacher. It is a rewarding but draining venture requiring lots of patients. Afterwards watching them grow and build on what you taught them could be more rewarding than you can imagine.

Planning for home school:Planning and scheduling are very essential for home schooling to run smooth. Your Plan should include location, time for each subject, break time, storage for books, and extra curriculum activities. For location an extra room around the house will be perfect if no extra room is available then use the dinning area or the living area. Most durable plastics will do as storage for books, supplies, equipments and other stuffs.

Schedule time for every activity, there is an old saying that “there is time for everything” let that be true in your case. The amount of time allotted for each subject, break and play should follow the regular schooling system which is about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the subject.

Standardized resource and materials: Using standardized resource and instructional materials will help build your students for outside exams and competitions. You don’t want to lag behind in any subject and the standardized materials will ensure that you are on the right track. Do not put a lot of strain on the family budget for material most of the materials can be downloaded or viewed on the internet. Usually they are free from a government site get materials for the entire school year including scope and proper sequence for each lesson.

Finding the right curriculumOne of the benefits of home schooling is dealing one-on-one with each student it is easy to find out how best each child learns. Once you find out the best way they learn then you can find the right curriculum for them. For the parent this method gives you first hand experience on listening, reading, and observation skills for each child.

Home schooling could be as great as you want it to be it is indeed a great educational experience for both parents and children. It certainly helps the parents to be resourceful and creative to maximize the resources and the learning of their children.

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