Guidelines for Online Advertising – by Ted Dhanik

Advertising is a crucial factor in running any type of business.  Online advertising has become incredibly important as most people use the internet every single day.  Online advertising differs from traditional forms of advertising in many ways.  However, both online and offline ads need to have a similar structure and aim.

Below are some guidelines for creating both online and offline ads:

1.  Captivate the audience: Ads need to be clear and succinct.  The shorter the message is in the ad, the more memorable it will be to the viewers.  The majority of ads should stick to the seven-word-rule.  Longer ads tend to be less effective.  The goal is to engage and catch the attention of viewers.  Unfortunately, many people have short attention spans and longer ads just don’t captivate audiences as much.  Everything from the colors, words, and visuals included can have an impact.

2.  Aim at an audience: Ads should be created with a specific audience in mind.  Targeting typically results in more successful ads.  There are various factors to consider concerning a target audience including their age, gender, income level, interests, and lifestyle.  The tone and appearance of the ad should align with that of the target demographic for the best results.

3.  Less is always more: Many different advertising studies show that consumers respond best to a straightforward and clear point in the ad.  Jingles have proven to be very effective due to their catchy and concise nature.  The less a reader has to read, the higher the chance is that it will be a big hit with viewers.

Author bio: Guest post is provided by the president and co-founder of engage:BDR, Ted Dhanik.  Dhanik has worked for big names such as, Xoriant Corporation,, and even Myspace.  Ted Dhanik has over fifteen years of experience in marketing, business sales, and business development.  Ted Dhanik leads the way in advertising solutions.

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