Are You Up To Date With State Home Schooling Requirements

Are You Up To Date With State Home Schooling Requirements

Article by Allen Hawkins

Do you know whats required to Home School your child? Each state requires certain standards to be accepted as valid. The standards of each state are not necessarily the same. State legislative and local administrative changes are continually in a state of flux which requires that parents considering Home Schooling spend adequate time in researching the demands of the system.

It is a real chore to begin the process and some parents may just give up. But if you are serious about Home Schooling your child, it is imperative that you take the time to carefully look into all your states requirements and rules and regulations.

Hopefully your state rules make it easy for you to begin Home Schooling as you choose, allowing you to bypass the local school system while understanding that you would be required to submit certain information to the state system in order to receive accreditation.

If your state does have strict requirements, they probably will ask you first of all for some proof of your ability to teach as well as insisting on certain conditions suitable for the learning process as far as home learning center setup and equipment is concerned.

You should also expect that some sort or method of reporting the academic progress of the student would be required in addition to attendance, lesson plans, including educational field trips and other school related activities. It is possible that you would also be required to plan for periodic check up visits from state or local school personnel.

In order to obtain the necessary information to meet the above requirements, your local area or district office would be your first contact. A personal visit would perhaps be the most effective method of contact. An alternative method would be to visit the website, providing they offer that form of contact. While the website might be more convenientfor obtaining the necessary forms, a face to face meeting with a school representative might produce a more satisfactory situation for both you and the state in the long term. On the other hand, some offices may encourage a website contact to first obtain the necessary forms so that the information would be available for that personal visit.

As part of your research, it is imperative that you check on the legal aspects of Home Schooling. Home Schooling is a very serious business since it involves your child and since the caliber of all schooling is important to the welfare of each community. Also to consider, since legislative rules and regulations are continually changing, is to keep an ongoing website check on these matters as well as with other parents through available on line support groups.

One of the assets for teachers in the public school system is the contact and sharing with other teachers and administrators within the school. This is the part that is missing with Home Schooling unless parents have wisely researched ways to establish a network of communications with other Home school teachers who have been through the beginning stages of this process and who can offer support to the beginning teacher parents.

Remember, if you are Home Schooling through high school, you much also consider all the steps required in applying for college. All of this can be very overwhelming to the Home Schooling parent who can become discouraged and be tempted to give up on the process. This is where the website can connect you to the support needed for accessing the proper resources to provide all the information necessary to assure that your Home Schooled children are receiving the very best that education has to offer them.

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