A Day in the Life of a School Supply Teacher

A Day in the Life of a School Supply Teacher

Article by Michael Schofield

A day in the life of am School Supply Teacher is actually quite difficult to write about because being a teacher is not just about teaching but doing all the administrative related tasks around that as well as being able to provide on-to-one support to the children that require it.

In short though, it begins with an early morning wake up call, getting ready for school, having breakfast and then getting all required files and folders that will be required for the day.If you use public transport, you’ll find yourself running to get that last train, tram or even bus. You might even find yourself fighting with other passengers to get that last seat. You will find that you’re in a routine of reading the morning newspaper (especially if you’re based in Manchester as they have their very own Metro Newspaper or even the free Manchester Evening newspaper).

Teachers will generally have to get into school pretty early in the morning before lessons start, in order to be briefed about the day’s events including any special visitors that will be arriving. It is also a good time to maybe catch up with your colleagues on the latest gossip before the new day starts.You will find that in most schools, children will queue up near the relevant entrances with their parents before being called into the classrooms by their teachers. The school day is split into various slots. Most schools will start at around 08:50 for a quick registration with their personal tutors. Then at 9am the first core subject begins. Each subject lasts around 45 minutes, allowing students to learn 1 or 2 subjects for the first 1 and a half hours before their 10:30 morning break lasting 15 minutes. Typically morning lessons will consist of either languages or mathematics. Midday lunch break will usually start at 12:30 at which time; all children will be requested to go to the dining area (or canteen) in which they will be served hot school meals where a range of healthy options will be provided. Lunch lasts around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

After lunch, most schools will provide the children with a short reading session that will allow the children to broaden their knowledge on a wide range of subjects including Religious Education, Languages, History as well as many other subject areas. Mst UK schools finish their say at 3:30pm at which time most (or if not all) children will be accompanied home by their parents or guardians unless there are after school extra curricular activities available for children to participate in.

At 3:30 when the children have left, teachers are still in school attending various staff meetings, school planning and initiative meetings, marking school work including worksheets and exams and maybe going to the local pub for a pint to unwind and relax after a hard days work.

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