4 Fun Activities For Children with Autism

Spending time with craft activity can be a fun experience. However, this can especially educational (and fun too!) for children on the autism spectrum.

Not only will these type of activities keep them calm but also build their attention span as well.

Keeping this in mind, here are 4 activities for children with autism:

#1: A Sensory Table

A great activity to have kids enjoy exploring their senses involves a sensory table. It’s an activity which allows them to sift, dig, pour and sort items and is definitely a lot of fun too.

#2: Paint Chip Storytelling

Storytelling, as most of us know, require one to use words. This game uses paint chips as well. Yes, the child will have to create a story using both words and paint chips and which will give free rein to their imagination and ability to narrate a story.

#3: Matching Halves Game

One of the best ways to introduce children to puzzle. It’s really simple, actually. All they have to do is join the two missing halves that are each painted on a single stick. Once they are placed side-by-side to complete the shape, they’ve completed the objective. Simple, isn’t it?

#4: Number Rubbings

Kids are happy to use crayons for about anything. So, introduce them to number rubbings where they will not only stay active but also improve eye-to-hand coordination. Better still, they will experiment with different surfaces as they work with different shapes and numbers.

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