3 Ways to Maximize Your Child’s Benefits From Reading

If your child is a voracious reader, and has books for company no matter where he or she goes, it’s obvious that with summer upon us, they are just as likely to relish a visit to the library as much as one to the swimming pool.

Even if there are definite benefits to reading, there are other ways by which one can get so much more.

That said, here are 3 ways by which you can maximize the benefits that your child can gain from reading:

#1: Discuss story elements

It’s a good idea to take your reader a little deeper by discussing story elements with them. For example, discuss about what the book is about, its settings or who his or her favorite characters are. Ask your child to summarize the story in his or her own words. Also, check to see if your child learned an important lesson.

#2: Write about reading

One of the best skills that you can teach children is to think critically about things that they have read. For this, all they will have to do is jot their thoughts about something that have read in a Reader Response Journal. Instead of attempting to answer academic-like questions, it’s an opportunity for these young readers to explore their thoughts or feelings about the book.

#3: Encourage their curiosity

Since it is summer, the usual books that children enjoy reading is of the lighter variety such as fantasy, mysteries and adventure. However, you can use these books as a springboard to more serious reading that involves non-fiction books. One way to encourage his curiosity is to have him or her jot down topics that might interest him. While there are plenty of books, one can also find a number of websites that will satiate his or her curiosity as well.

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